Thursday, June 18, 2015

WIP - Soren Valor - Day 3 snippet

I wrote a quick snippet this morning using prompts from Charli Mills at her Carrot Ranch writer's blog. Here it is in an unedited version. For Charli's prompts, participants stick to 99 words exactly. Mine, here, is 138 words.

Sonja sneaked downstairs, hoping to be the first one to dig into her Easter basket. She spied Tor, who had spent the night in her brother’s room, popping jelly beans into his mouth.
“You’re not eating any of my candy, are you?” she asked.
“Heck, no. Besides, the Easter bunny only left you some little brown souvenirs,” he teased.
“You mean bunny poop? He did not!” she protested.
“Uh-huh, sure did, my little cousin.”
Sonja stared into her basket, shocked to see small brown pellets.
Suddenly, Tor popped one in his mouth. “They taste good, though, try one!”
“Torsten Martin Gustavsson! Spit that out!” she yelled, mindless of the earliness of the day.
Instead, he scooped them all up and started to eat more. “Funny how they taste like raisins,” he said, laughing with his mouth full. 

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